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When it comes to the words “New Year”, they simply remind me of family gathering, good food, laughter, happiness etc.It’s been our family tradition to celebrate both New Year and Chinese New Year together. And one things for sure, this 2017 new year, God has added another new member to our family : Andréa (born 11.10.2016).

I never write anything about  Andréa before, so let me start by why I chose that name for my baby girl.

My husband and I have been married for more than 2 years before I finally got pregnant with

Andréa. I had miscarriage with my previous pregnancy (4 months after our wedding) and we have been wanting for another baby since. On September 2015 we consulted our condition with Dr. Aucky Hinting (andrologist) and he prescribed vitamins for us. February 2016, I finally missed my period and were so happy that the test pack turned out to be positive. I double-checked and it’s genuinely POSITIVE !!!. The next few days after I started to feel nauseous, had a bad morning-sickness that put me on bed rest for weeks. I had to take my leave since I can’t handle both morning sickness and students (read my post about my lovely students) in the same time.  My husband was overwhelmed with the news and after 8 weeks we finally went to obstetrician. The doctor started with Ultrasound but he could not see any fetus in my womb and asked us to come back in 2 weeks. And we did….but still no appearance of the fetus. I was so devastated to hear that I might need to let go of this baby…again!. But fortunately my husband and I decided to wait for several weeks. The thought of losing this baby had worsen my morning-sickness and my mood. On my 12 weeks of pregnancy, we visited another obs and at that moment, through a trans-vaginal Ultrasound, we heard our baby’s heartbeat.

Andrea’s heartbeat

 It was strong and normal. I was drown in excitement and I almost cried. There were a few concern about my pregnancy (my next post) but I assumed my pregnancy went smooth and Andréa was born as scheduled and healthy.

1 day old

The name Andréa derived from the Latin meaning “womanly” or “beautiful lady”, steadfast and confident,honest and reliable.A tower of strength for thoughts she cares for and a rock to the family. We believed that she will be strong in every conditions and situations in her life now and in the future, just like she stays strong in my womb.

Daddy and Mommy always pray for your health, happiness and success in your life…my baby A.