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Every pregnancy is unique. 

My morning sickness started at around the 5th week of pregnancy. It started gently but it worsened day by day. I started to have difficulties running errands and working since vomiting came every hour. I vomited more than 20 times daily and I barely able to walk to the toilet. During those times, the only things that I was able to consume without vomiting was BANANAS.

So I tried to eat as many banana as possible to avoid being hospitalized for dehydration and it actually worked !.

Beside those all-day-long-never-ending-morning sickness, I also noticed a small amount of blood spotting which worried me up until the doctor said that it would be gone in several weeks. The spotting came from the outside part of my womb, so my baby should be just fine. But just to be completely safe doctor suggested me to stop exercising during my pregnancy. (anyway, who is able to exercise while feeling nauseous all the time ??!? ). My pregnancy symptoms had forced me to take a leave from work for 2 whole months.

On my 16th week, doctor found that my right veins in the umbilical cord was impeded which lead to the fetus might not receive enough oxygen to develop properly. Doctor prescribed aspirin pills named Thrombo Aspilets (don’t worry, they are safe for expecting mother) and I have to take those pills once daily until 34th week of pregnancy. This condition might result my baby to be born less than 3kgs.

 Those hard times ended after I entered my 20th week of pregnancy. Although sometimes I still feel nauseous but it was getting better and better. I ate small portion more than 5 times daily. I have difficulty consuming fruits that cause gas because they caused me to vomit again, so again, the only fruit my stomach is able to accept was BANANA. I drank a lot of homemade soy milk with no added sugar. One thing for sure, my baby didn’t like artificial sugar, so yummy food like cakes, cookies, hot chocolate, unhealthy snacks etc are actually not in my eating list.

My regular check up were one of the highlights in my pregnancy. I have always waited for my check-up schedule. To be able to see my baby move, jump, roll and sleep in my womb gave me the utmost happiness and satisfaction. On the day when the nauseous and vomiting came back, I re-viewed those ultrasound pictures and they comforted me, gave me strength and patience. From that day on, I knew that I have given my life for her.

Andréa, 9 months with you in my womb, with all the struggles, ups and downs, not a single day I didn’t feel grateful for having you. My daily prayer  “God give me health and wisdom to raise her, to educate her, to make her life beautiful and useful to her surrounding”