I start my job as a Mandarin teacher since 2008. Just like other fresh graduates, I did my job full-heartedly. I was single and had plenty of free time, so I decided to work all day long (literally) . I worked at school morning starting at 7 a.m to afternoon at 4 p.m and continue my work as private tutor to evening around 9 to 10 p.m. I went to a full-time private tutor after 2 years. For the first 4 years of teaching, I encountered a lot of difficulties. There were ups and downs as a teacher but I managed to persistent in this field of job. I learned a lot, not about the language, but more about children’s psychology towards studying new language.

Starting from my 5th year, I found myself actually fall in love with my job. Teaching a language does not mean you stand there in front of the students and talk about language. I found that the most important part of teaching language is to understand our students,to understand their difficulties, to understand what they love to do, to understand their family background, and to understand the main purpose of studying.

Along my 9 months of pregnancy, teaching has been an important activities for me. It helped me cope with my nausea, and seeing these children playing happily made me smile all the time. But then, here came the time when I should made up my mind whether I am going to continue working after. We eventually came up with “RESIGNING” decision.

For the last few months of teaching, the word resigning keep haunting me. “This is my life !”, “I’ve been doing these all the time”, “What will happen with my students?”, “How am I going to feel with no income ?” Well, to be honest, incomes were my top list issue. I am quite sure all women understand the feeling to possess your own money, earned by yourself is way different with receiving money from your spouse. This has nothing to do with how much money you earn or you receive.

But here I am now…first 30 days after delivery, I felt just fine. Maybe because I’m still too tired taking care of Andrea, I was still learning how to become a mother. I spent most of my time sleeping and pampering my baby. And yet now, 3 months after delivery, I am still learning to keep my days run smoothly. I write blogs, cook, bake, running household errands, reading. While actually now I think “RESIGNING” is just a word, in the reality I haven’t resigned from anything. I am still working full-time taking care of my little family, The feeling to be able to stay with my baby 24 hours a day is irreplaceable. I know she needs me more than anything in this world and I am so willingly to give all my time for her.

It is not as hard or as uncomfortable as I imagine….